Honorary Secretaries
Maria Smith
Tel: 07886 233376

Gillian Crispin-Moyes
Tel: 07932 556877

Entry Secretary:
Gillian Crispin-Moyes
12 Woodside Close
Grays, RM16 2DN
Email: tysoncrisp134@outlook.com

To enter, please complete the Application Form and return with payment to Gillian at the above address. Thank you to all those entering classes for supporting the Orsett Show. We wish you all a successful and enjoyable day.


1. The exact number and kind of articles mentioned in the list must be sent; otherwise the exhibit will be disqualified.

2. Cards bearing the number should be placed face downwards with each exhibit. These cards can be collected from the horticultural tent on the Show Ground.

3. The decision of the Judges shall be final, and they shall have a discretionary power in cases where the productions are of doubtful quality or where there are not more than three competitors to diminish or withhold any of the prizes offered.

4. The stewards reserve the right to refuse any entry in any class should it be deemed necessary.

5. The Stewards will not be answerable for any damage or loss that may occur to any exhibit.

6. In the event of any doubt or dispute by any exhibitor, arising as to the interpretation of these regulations, the decision of the Stewards shall be final.

7. All persons intending to exhibit or compete must obtain an entry form, which must be completed and sent to the Secretary. See entry form for closing date.

8. All articles shown for prizes, except where stated in schedule, shall be the property of the exhibitors or their employers, and all vegetables, fruit and flowers shall have been growing in their own employer’s homes, gardens or allotments at least two months previous to the date of the exhibition. Two persons are allowed to show produce from one garden if they both cultivate the same garden. The stewards reserve the right to visit the garden or allotments of any exhibitor before or after the show. Any exhibitor who is proved to have exhibited produce that is not his/her own or his/her employer’s shall be disqualified, as determined by the stewards.

9. No exhibitor will be allowed to enter or stage more than one exhibit in each class.

10. Exhibitors should show, where practicable, their vegetables on plates or in boxes or open baskets. It is expected that all exhibits shall be clean and neatly arranged in as small a receptacle as possible (NOTE: “Space” as in schedule).

11. Exhibits may be staged on Friday from 2.30pm to 8.00pm and on show day up to 08.00 am. Any arriving after that time may be marked “too late” and not entitled to any prize, (see rule 14).

12. The judging will take place at 09.00 am. The horticultural show will be open on conclusion of judging and close at 5.00pm. Under no circumstances can any specimen or exhibit be removed from the Show Bench before 5.00pm. Stewards in charge are asked to see that this rule is carried out.

13. Tent flaps to be fastened while judging is in progress. Only responsible persons shall be allowed in the show tents during the time the judges are making their awards. If they decline to leave, they may be disqualified.

14. Any exhibitor feeling aggrieved by any decision or mistake whatsoever, on entering a protest shall give notice in writing to the secretary before 2.30pm. in the afternoon on the day of the show and shall, at the same time, deposit with the secretary the sum of £10.00 which shall be forfeited to the Stewards if such objection or protest be deemed frivolous by the Judges or Stewards.

15. Prize money will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each class. Prize money will be awarded as follows:- 1st £3, 2nd £2 3rd £1



Most points in Open Classes 1-27

Most points in Local Classes 52-66

Best Flower Arrangement in Show – Joan Swift Memorial Cup

Allotment Cup (details to be confirmed shortly)

VEGETABLE – Judges: To Be Confirmed

1. 5 Potatoes, White, shown on a plate. 1 variety.

2. 5 Potatoes, Coloured, shown on a plate. 1 variety.

3. 9 Potatoes, 3 sets of 3 distinct varieties.

4. 5 Onions, under 250 grams.

5. 3 Onions, over 250 grams.

6. 5 Carrots, long variety, with 3″ tops.

7. 5 Carrots, other than long variety, with 3″ tops.

8. 9 Runner Beans.

9. 3 Leeks.

10. 3 Beetroot, with 3″ tops.

11. 3 Parsnips, with 3″ tops.

12. 2 Cabbages with root cut to 3″.

13. 9 Pickling Shallots, not to exceed 30mm in diameter.

14. 9 Shallots, large.

15. 5 Tomatoes, shown on a plate (maximum 65mm).

16. 9 Tomatoes, small variety (maximum 35mm).

17. 2 Table Marrows (maximum 350mm).

18. Any other vegetable not catered for above. (See guidance box overleaf)

19. Collection of 5 kinds of vegetable.

20. Heaviest Marrow.

21. Heaviest Pumpkin.

FRUIT – Judges: To Be Confirmed

22. 5 Dessert Apples, one variety shown on a plate, unpolished.

23. 5 Cooking Apples, one variety shown on a plate, unpolished.

24. 5 Pears, one variety shown on a plate, unpolished.

25. Stoned Fruit, 5 of a fruit, shown on a plate, unpolished.

26. Any other fruit not catered for above (Peaches can be shown with or without stalk).

27. Collection of fruit, 3 kinds.

FLOWER SECTION – Judges: To Be Confirmed

28. 1 Vase flowers for all round effect (only exhibited with flower foliage)

29. 1 vase Asters, 5 stems, single or double flowers

30. 1 Vase Flowers, 5 stems or more, 1 dish of fruit, 1 kind.

31. 1 Vase Flowers, 5 stems or more, 1 dish of vegetables – see list.

32. 1 Fuchsia, single flower.

33. 1 Fuchsia, double flower.

34. 1 Fuchsia not catered for above

35. 1 Pot Geranium. (Pot not to exceed 8″).

36. 1 Pot Plant Foliage. (Pot not to exceed 8″)

37. 1 Pot plant flowering, excluding classes 32-35) (Pot not to exceed 8″).

38. 1 Pot Cacti/Succulent. (Pot not to exceed 8″)

39. Collection of Cacti/Succulents (3 Pots) (Pots not to exceed 8″)


40. 1 Vase Dahlias 3 blooms, Giant/Large.

41. 1 Vase Dahlias, 3 blooms medium.

42. 1 Vase Dahlias, 3 stems small.

43. 1 Vase Dahlias, 3 stems Miniature

44. 1 Vase Dahlias, 6 poms, not exceeding 5cm.


45. 1 Spike Gladioli

46. 3 Spikes Gladioli

CHRYSANTHEMUMS – Judges: To Be Confirmed

47. 1 Vase 3 Blooms, Incurve 23 A/B/C, 1 cultivar.

48. 1 Vase 3 Blooms, Intermediate 25 A/B/C, 1 cultivar.

49. 1 Vase 3 Blooms, Reflex 24 A/B/C, 1 cultivar.

50. 1 Vase, 3 Blooms, from sections 23, 24&25.

51. 1 Vase, 3 stems of sprays, section 29.


(must be grown by the exhibitor) Any container may be used – Judges: To Be Confirmed

52. Floating flower heads in glass container/bowl

53. Flower arrangement in an unusual container

54. Arrangement of flowers and foliage in a jug


(All exhibitors to live within 10 miles of Orsett) – Judges: To Be Confirmed

55. 5 Potatoes, White – 1 variety.

56. 5 Potatoes, Coloured – 1 variety.

57. 9 Potatoes, 3 sets of 3 distinct varieties.

58. 5 Onions under 250 grams.

59. 3 Onions over 250 grams.

60. 5 Carrots, long or stump rooted.

61. 9 Runner beans.

62. 3 Beetroot, with 3″ tops.

63. 5 Tomatoes.

64. 2 Table marrows (max 350mm).

65. Any other vegetable not catered for above.

66. 5 Dessert apples, unpolished.

67. 5 Culinary apples, unpolished.

68. 5 Pears, unpolished.

69. 5 Stoned fruit, unpolished.

70. Any other fruit not catered for above.

71. 1 Vase for all-round effect.

72. 1 Vase of Asters, 5 stems.

73. 1 Vase of Dahlias, 5 stems, same variety.

74. 1 Pot plant, flowering. (Pot not to exceed 8″).

75. 1 Pot plant, foliage. (Pot not to exceed 8″).

76. 1 Pot Cacti/Succulents. (Pot not to exceed 8″).

77. Collection of Cacti/Succulents, 3 pots. (Pots not to exceed 8″)

78. Bonsai – 1 Specimen


79. 1 Pot Plant, Foliage or Flowering.

80. Vegetable Man or Animal.

81. Best dress vegetable (any material)

82. Any strange shaped vegetable

83. Sea monster (any vegetation)

84. Largest sunflower head

85. Tiara or Crown – any flower/foliage/vegetation

FLOWER ARRANGING- Judge: To Be Confirmed

86. Petite design. Not to exceed 25 cms in width, depth and height. Scale of components is important. Should appear as a petite version of a larger exhibit

87. A table exhibit for a summer lunch party. Natural plant material to predominate

88 Interpretive. A film or book title. Plant material and other items should be used to convey the theme and atmosphere of the title. Natural plant material to predominate

89 A design using 5 flowers and foliage


90 A garden on a plate or tray. Material, flowers and foliage should be in scale. Plate or tray to be not more than 10” or 25 cms


For the guidance of exhibitors in the vegetable sections, the tables given below show the number of specimens required to constitute a dish both in the single dish classes and in the collections, and the maximum number of points allowed if point Judging is adopted.

2Stalks Rhubarb12
2Marrows – Max. 350mm15
5Onions -under 250grams15
3Onions – over 250 grams20
6Pods of Peas20
5Tomatoes – Max 65mm18
9Cherry Tomatoes – max 35mm12
5Beefsteak Tomatoes16
6Leaves of Spinach12
12Spring Onions15
6Beans, Broad15
9Beans, Runner18
9Beans, Dwarf15
2Brussels Sprouts15
5Carrots, Long rooted20
5Carrots, All other types18

Entry Form

Click the button below to download an entry form, which you can print out and send off. If you have never downloaded a PDF file before you may need to download some software first by clicking the Adobe Reader link on the right. Alternatively, you can complete the entry form online by clicking on the button below.

Alternatively, entry forms are available in the Orsett County Show schedule, free in local shops and libraries.

Horticultural Entry form for the 2019 Orsett Show will be available to download at a later date