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Cattle & Livestock

Calling all animal lovers! The Orsett Show celebrates the best in farmyard animals with exciting cattle & livestock competitions. Breeders can enter their finest cows, and more, while young handlers can showcase their skills. Prizes and rosettes await the victors! Don't miss this chance to see these magnificent creatures and the next generation of animal experts.





The Orsett Show celebrates the best of the farmyard with exciting livestock competitions! Breeders bring their prize-winning animals, including sheep, to compete across different categories. Youngsters passionate about animals can also test their skills in a handling competition. Don't miss this chance to see a variety of these amazing creatures and cheer on the future generation of farmers.


The Orsett Show's livestock competitions are a celebration of farmyard animals! See breeders compete with their finest cattle across various breeds, Including calves. There's even a competition for young handlers, where future farmers can showcase their animal expertise. It's a great opportunity to witness these impressive creatures and cheer on the next generation of agricultural stars.


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