Membership Privileges

By purchasing Vice President’s privileges you will become entitled to the following:

  •  Access to the Vice Presidents’ Enclosure
  •  Licensed Bar
  •  Catering facilities including :-
  • Free Morning Coffee – served from 10.00 a.m.
  • Lunch – served from 12 noon.
  • Free Afternoon tea – served from 3.00 p.m.
  •  Ringside seating For the Grand Ring and the Main Horse Ring
  •  Vice Presidents’ Car Park on grass within a short distance of the Vice Presidents’ Enclosure

The rules and rates for annual subscriptions are as follows:-

You may purchase Vice President’s Privileges (giving you two badges for the current year), additional Guest badges and Junior Vice President’s badges.

*If you wish to become a member of the Orsett Horticultural and Agricultural Society, Voting Membership is available to those who buy either Vice-President’s Privileges or an Ordinary Adult Pass at the same time. The payment of the £1 membership Fee is an acknowledgement that you are bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the rules and by-laws and regulations of the Society for the time being.


Vice President’s Privileges (2 badges) …    £50.00

Additional Guest badges …   £25.00

Junior Member (5 – 16) …    £10.00

Vice President’s Luncheon (must be paid in advance) … £16.00

Ordinary Adult Pass …          £10.00

Ordinary OAP Pass …            £8.00

Application for Voting Membership of Society* …  £1.00

Please note:

Tickets may also be purchased in advance at a concessionary price for adults, children, families and concessions – please go to the Advance Tickets page.

Tickets for Lunches in the Vice Presidents’ Tent must be purchased in advance as the Society has to guarantee numbers, and cannot be guaranteed if advance bookings are not made

Important information

The Orsett Horticultural and Agricultural Society is constituted as a “Company Limited by Guarantee”. Such a company does not have a share capital or shareholders. The company is owned by its Members who each pay an annual subscription. The Society is also a Registered Charity. Under the Charity Commissioners’ Regulations on a winding up of the company the surplus assets cannot be distributed to the members but must go to a similar charitable cause.

The Members of the Society are responsible for approving any business that has to be passed at a General Meeting of the Company. At the Annual General Meeting the members approve the accounts, appoint members to the Show Council who deal with the running of the Society’s day to day affairs and appoint the Society’s Auditors. If the Society is wound up with losses the Members are liable to be called upon to pay their “Guarantee” of £1 each toward such losses.

It has become increasingly expensive to circulate the accounts and notices of meetings to all those who have purchased Vice-president’s or Member’s privileges. It is thought that many of the Vice-presidents are not concerned with being a “Member” but only wish to purchase the Show passes.

In view of the above the Show Council has decided to set the rate of annual subscription for members at £1, but to restrict membership to those who have purchased Vice-president’s privileges or those who have purchased Advance Tickets to the Show or who are serving on the Show Council, any of the Sectional Committees, or sub-committees helping organise the Show.

It would greatly assist the Society if those who wish to be Members would also be prepared to receive notices from the Society by email and we would ask for an email address for this purpose.

For more information, please contact the Honorary Membership Secretary Mr Tim Asplin via email: